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  1. New T-Shirts for Cricket Season


    We've been gearing up for the new season with some new designs and in our last post we explained why we're introducing our new Keep the Faith T-shirt.

    Well, here it is...almost

    The new designs are in and ready to go online so you can all get your hands on them but as we take photos of each design and load them up onto the site and don't photoshop our designs onto t-shirts like some other...ahem... t-shirt websites it'll be a few days more before you can get them!

    But don't worry they'll be available soon. Keep the faith!

  2. Keep The Faith


    So following a request for a Wicket Keeper related logo we've come up with this. Keep the faith.

    It's a cricket related twist on the old Northern Soul logo and will be displayed on a wonderful new Independance Red t-shirt.

    Keep your eyes peeled as it will be available to buy soon...